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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  March 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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tonight, this man is arrested by the feds for a rental scheme. joce sterman first reported an a similar scheme he ran in 2009. tonight, we know that williams took their money, he's behind bars. >> reporter: well, the feds are after him for a karenal scheme -- rental scheme. all they had to do was pay an up front fee. he rented people apartments and bailed on payments. we heard from people who said he offered them the opportunity to rent high price apartments for lower price. once they moved n the rent -- moved in, the rents were never paid and they faced evictions.
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now, the feds are opening up new cases. he's chargeed with wire fraud now. the u.s. attorney's office says that he and others would lure people into long term leases for cars. the contracts for the rentalling a sis were short term. they had to return the cars later. now, he and another face 20 years in federal prison. the investigation isn't over. the secret service is involved an there could be more people duked in the scheme. if you're a victim, contact the secret service locally. we'll have more on the story, taking a look back at his past tonight at 11:00. joce sterman, abc2 news. remember, is your place to protect yourself against a scam. go to and click on
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scam alert and get the information you need. a man is in police custody after a barricade incident ended peacefully. the officers surrounded the home and the man who was armed was holding a woman inside. the police put a nearby school on lock down and shut down streets in the area. fortunately, no one was injured. tonight, the police need your help to find four suspects accused of beating up a man after an accident. take a good look at the beating. officers were called to the shopping center last month for an accident and an assault. a 41-year-old man was found lie anything blood. the victim struck a parked car with his truck. several men approached him. two of the suspects said that the car he hit belonged to them. they then demanded money and kicked him until he passed out.
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the vehicle didn't belong to any of the suspects. for you know anything about the crime, call the baltimore county police. the police union president for baltimore county may face serious charges himself after he was accused of assault wednesday night. it happened at a condo complex in parkville. the sergeant reached into a sedan and hit a driver and pulled a gun on the driver. the victim says that the officer appeared drunk. they're looking into the case to see if charges are field. ahead, we'll talk to the passenger in the car. now, next week, local leaders in carroll county are expected to create more distance between protestors and soldier's funerals. this is in the hearing in favor of the west burro baptist church. >> reporter: many fear that the
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people that marred the funeral four years ago may return to flaunt their right's services for this soldier killed in afghanistan sunday. this prompted a carroll county commissioner to push for an ordinance. now, the family could creep within a hundred feet of the service and there's nothing anyone could do about it. >> i think it's wholly inadequate. that's a little more than 30- yards. i can run that far. if that's the case, it's not far enough. i'm not sure that 500 feet is far enough away. at least, 500 feet is almost two football fields. >> reporter: the board may extend it to 1000 feet when it takes up the measure next week. the entire process is expected to take 20 days.
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they don't think it will come in time for the fallen hampstead marine. a developing story this evening takes us to central indiana. a 14-year-old boy was shot at a middle school. he's in stable condition after surgery. the suspect who was also 15 was suspended on wednesday. a woman was returning behind and she said that was a blessing. >> we woke up late. we missed the bus and that made it that we missed the shooting, yes. >> no one is believed to be involved in the shooting. officers aren't sure behind the motive behind the shooting. troubled teens are learning about a place to stay. youth challenges held in aberdeen. they say they have a high success rate.
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91% earn their diploma. they live on site separated by gender and have their lyes schedule -- lives scheduled by the minute. >> one day, i woke up, i was like, i have to do something different. i had a reality check, i was like, this can't be my life. >> the program is available in 27 states and porto rico. it was started by a mandate. it's official, spring is here, but the weather isn't cooperating. this is what the folks are dealing with in new jersey. what an ugly thing. the neighborhoods received snow and now, the snow is in the forecast for maryland this weekend. before it could be a mess, we're tracking the latest. >> well, hopefully, we're ready for opening day of baseball. we'll have this? >> before we get to the bad
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news, we'll get to this. we'll look for a marked warmup. not in the meantime. taking a look first, cooler numbers. mid-40s are the current temperatures now. we have 43 rather in frederick. 42 chilly in wilmington now. across the entire state, you can see the clouds and a little bit of wintry weather in the mix sheer towards northwest virginia. that's where we're seeing the action now. that's well to the west. again, this is going to be a changing 24 to 48 hours of weather. maryland's most powerful radar looking clear now. it will be chilly, bring an extra layer. an interesting forecast, those details in a minute. well, this is a question everyone's been asking, i'm sure you're discussing it. what would you do with $312 million? well, you may have the opportunity to seriously answer
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that question soon. only if you buy a ticket. the megamillions drawing is tonight. we have the story. >> reporter: while driving downtown on 83, you can't help but notice this billboard. the jackpot for megamillions is $312,000,000.125 million for powerball. at the cross street market, this man has seen a lot of folks buying tickets hoping to get the big slice of the cheese. >> it's brisk today, obviously. with the weather and it being chilly, we're doing good with people coming in and hoping to win the $312 million. >> with that money, we wanted to know what you would do if you won it. >> i would first give that lady over there $500. we agreed upon that. >> what about a shopping spree, an expensive car and a deluxe apartment in the sky? >> i would go fishing every day.
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>> i would disappear. you would never see me again. >> the man in line, next to me, i would give him $500 also. >> this is the winningest ticket also. >> reporter: you have to believe that. when i win, i'm going to atlantic city and i'll save and get my real estate business going. >> reporter: if you win, you can take home $130 million lump sum after taxes. the odds of you winning, $176 million to one. all you need is one winning ticket. abc2 news. and, well, that's about it! she's going to only give $500? okay, the cash option is just a paltry $198 million. the largest drawing was the
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2011 drawing where the jackpot was $390 million. i didn't win that either. two people won in georgia and new jersey. other has been $380 million a paltry $340 million. tonight's is the 12th largest ever. the nuclear disaster in japan has gotten worse. there's a major breach and we'll tell you the advice that the japanese leaders are telling the citizens. and some are calling it a superbug, it's a drug resistant bacteria causing concerns for doctors.
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this woman thought she found her ideal mate. he was a soldier serve anything iraq. >> if i could have molded the perfect man, i couldn't have made him more perfect. >> reporter: her dream man was a con man. >> it hurts, too, doesn't it? >> oh, yeah, i would be lying if i said it didn't. >> reporter: he found her on a dating website. within two week, he was saying things like, i want to marry you and i want to start a family with you and then, he asked for $200 for a satellite phone. >> now, going back, people saw red flags. >> reporter: she spent a total of $1700 then, she became suspicious and googled his name.
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>> this girl was saying how a guy with his name and picture said he's a scam. >> reporter: she fell victim of the soldier dating scam. thousands have been ripped off. people posing as soldiers use real pictures and names of service men, some have fallen in the line of duty to win over victims. >> that's despicable, we're going on the defensive to notify people. don't fall for a romance scam. >> reporter: the military's trying to work with the fbi. catching cons like the won who duped this woman is a challenge. >> it's a difficult thing, oftentimes, the scammers are out of west afghanistan. >> she's working with investigators to try to catch the conman. if she can be tricked, others can be, too. >> i have a master's degree,
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i'm obviously not stupid. your heart is in it. your heart overrules your head. >> she's still in communication with the man who conned her with the hopes that the investigators will be able to track her -- track him down and catch him. well, love is a battlefield, rosie. love is a battlefield! just like that 80s song, man. 44degrees and wind at the northwest at 10. bottom line is unseasonably cooler day. we have sunshine out there earlier. taking you to frederick today at the earth and science laboratories. sunshine and clouds rolling in late in the day. this is an indication of changing weather. you can see the clouds from the west. there's a storm developing over the tennessee valley. that will bring the chance for
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a wintry weather. look at that in d.c. as well. maryland's most powerful radar, we're clear across the state. you can look north and west. there's a little bit of light precipitation into northern, west virginia and we have warnings up for central, well, the high country of central virginia. light breezes from the north. it's made it chillier today. look at the temperatures now. we're a solid, well, in many place, 15 degrees below average. as you look to the west, it's frigid towards hagerstown, even. chilly now. look at the windchill factors. one above freezing in hagerstown and windchills in the 30s extending all the way south and east. it's a breezy, chilly scenario. we begin to add the clouds tonight. a weak disturbance will pass south of baltimore, it will bring a winter miss towards
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charles county. also, as we head into sunday evening, that's when the main storm is heading into the mid- atlantic. you can see the first opening up of two rounds of active wealth every. both will pass to the south. the one that passes south saturday and sunday, that's likely to bring the weather to our area here. cold air hanging on tonight. high pressure offshore has kept us dry and sunny. that's all shifting to sea. >> the clouds hold tight and we have a weak disturbance. we'll miss out on that precipitation. this is throughout the day standard. ---- saturday. here we go into the overnight. this is 8:00 a.m. sunday morning. we see snow and rain. this is all coming in, it's a wintry mix and it starts as snow early sunday morning. it goes to snow mixed with rain
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throughout the day. this is an ugly looking sunday. gray, wet and snowy at times. not much accumulation though. saturday, we're talking 45, sunny and bringing in the chance for snow showers overnight saturday night. sunday, we'll see the wintry day. winter mix at times, maybe half an inch to an inch. but, quickly, they'll melt off throughout the day. the high temperatures are above freezing sunday. we'll get at least to 40 on some spots and a lot of us will be stuck in the 40s. rosie, the bottom line, the first weekend will feel like winter. >> well, that's not bad. >> well, go to the movies. well, don't rent them, download them. >> do your spring cleaning inside. >> yeah, enjoy the, well, i
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don't know, man, indoor activities. >> sounds good. well, it's the weekend. chances are, you may have plans to grab a bite to eat with your family and friends. so, we want you to look at this. we asked, what would you do. >> at this store in bloom field, new jersey, grilled cheese, burgers and fries are cooking. as the hungry customers wait to dig in. >> hi, i'm greg. i'm your server. what would you guys like? >> grilled cheese and tomato. >> what if the food accidentally hits the floor right before it's served. what would you do if you saw it happen. >> i did, i did. >> no, that was the thing. i watched it. >> you watched it. >> i started to watch it. >> well, here you go.
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>> did you just drop that? >> well, our floor is clean. >> you just dropped it. >> i didn't drop this on the floor. >> you can't serve this to someone. >> with a bit of a shock and a chuckle, these customers sitting around are actors and they speak up and warn them about foul food. >> he dropped the pickles and every thing. >> i explained it's all a setup. the waiter is also an actor and no one here would ever serve food that hit the floor. >> i feel like i'm on one of those shows. >> he, he, he! what would you do? you don't have to wait to see the results, well, you do, i should say.
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that airs tonight at 10:00 on abc2 news. so, facebook says you have to be 13 to join the social networking site. despite the age limit, children are finding their way on. how young is too young. even though it doesn't feel like it outside, it's spring allergy season. is that a cold or allergies.
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>> anemia affects millions and now, a study shows a link between women and nutrition. the women ran a greater risk of
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anemia if they didn't get iron, vitamin b and red meat. those deficient in three of those were 44% more likely to develop anemia with no deficient sis. also, a better diet reduces the risk of anemia. a new type of technology is showing promise for wounded soldiers. walter reed is testing out a new bionic lower leg system that stimulates muscle functions. the motors improve the movement in the feet and ankles. this first sergeant lost part of his leg fighting in afghanistan and he's one of the first to receive the new device. >> i was able to walk around the mall with my wife and i was able to go grocery shopping and run errands. just kind of a little bit of an easier life.
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>> that's fantastic. he's one of five testing out the new bionic legs. it may not feel like it today, but spring is back, allergy season is in full swing again. if you had symptoms and a few years before that, you could have seasonal allergies. a specialist could help you figure it out by giving you a skin test. well, they're strong and resistant. i'm talking about superbugs. germs are hard to kill. and women fighting in bikinis. it's sounding better than what we'll see.
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